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What could be better than a night in with friends and a glass of wine? A night in with friends, a glass of wine AND chocolate!

Book a Chocolate Experience and help your guests learn where chocolate comes from and how it goes from being a cocoa pod on a tree all the way through to the finished box of chocolates. Give them the chance to taste different kinds of chocolate and find out the best way to eat chocolate – yes there is a right way and a ‘wrong’ way to enjoy your favourite treats!

Discover how the companies we buy from are working responsibly to improve the lives of the farmers who grow the cocoa pods. Those attending will discover the secrets of how some of our most popular products are made. Everyone will get the chance to complete a fun chocolate quiz with a prize for the winner.

 After the Experience your guests will get the chance to order chocolate gifts for themselves or as Christmas gifts. 

You will get the chance to earn commission and you might even get an extra gift from our rewards section.

Our prices start at 15p so none of your guests will need to feel obliged to spend lots of money and they won’t be pressurised to order anything unless they want to.

All Chocoholic Distributors work for themselves and we will not try to ‘recruit you’ to join any teams!

As a Distributor we can arrange Chocolate Parties in your home, office or school , however we only book Chocoholics Chocolate Experiences within a 20 mile radius of Ely where we are based, please complete the form below to provisionally book your Chocolate Party Experience and Aardvark Chocolates for Chocoholics will contact you to arrange and confirm your booking.

Chocolate Experiences can also be run as seasonal lunch time shopping events, to include sampling and a raffle, staff love them!


We are currently taking Christmas bookings for between 28th September – December 8th 2019!

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Great reasons to host a party!

  • Try and buy with free sample tasting in the comfort of your own club, home or office
  • Fantastic, fun time with family, friends and colleagues
  • Exclusive offer for our hosts
  • Can be a fantastic fundraiser for charity, clubs, associations & businesses!
  • Ordering via parties also saves you money on postage!
  • Where the total sales made to the party guests exceeds £175, a commission will be paid to the hostess of 10% in chocolates, this could then be raffled off hence boosting income further! 

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