Arrange Your Aardvark Chocoholics Fundraiser!

   Earn commission for your charity, club, association & school!

Our prices start at 15p so none of your members/parents will need to feel obliged to spend lots of money and they won’t be pressurised to order anything unless they want to, they can order online from the comfort of their own homes as and when they want over a set period of time.

Great reasons to fundraise online!

Browse and buy in the comfort of your own club, home or office!
Exclusive offer for your members/parents participating!
Can be a fantastic fundraiser for charity, clubs, associations & schools!
Minimal effort and time on your behalf!
Where the total sales made by your participants over the set period (Sept-Dec) exceeds £175, a commission will be paid to the hosting charity, club, association or schools of 7.5% in cash!

Contact us now to arrange your online fundraiser!